What I learned during the Coronavirus lockdown

What I learned during the Coronavirus lockdown

I would never have guessed things will take this turn when the whole thing about the Coronavirus outbreak started. Yet, we stayed confined for more than three months, challenged to stay sane when the entire world was falling apart. With the situation slowly improving, I wanted to share the list of things I learned during the Coronavirus lockdown.

Friendships are relative.


What I learned during the Coronavirus lockdown is the true meaning of friends. Before the Coronavirus outbreak, I had a solid network of friends. Basically, my whole weeks were planned ahead. However, once we went into isolation, an uncanny silence took place. Okay, so we cannot hang out in person, but we can still talk via Skype or Zoom, right? It turns out I was wrong.

People with whom I was hanging out the most during the “normal” state of things simply disappeared. They were unavailable for a video call and had something better to do. Overall, the binge-watching series became more important than ever. I’m not saying they didn’t have their own problems to deal with, but from most of them, I never got a message asking me how I was while I was repeatedly interested in their well-being.

A handful of people who messaged me regularly throughout the lockdown proved to be my only true friends. Those are the ones who survived me through all of my phases: teenage years, University, coming of age… Those are the friends I have the least contact with, but who were generally worried about me and offered support through difficult times.

Having an emergency fund is a necessity.



The greatest lesson I learned during the Coronavirus lockdown is that an emergency fund is an absolute necessity. Plenty of our friends lost their income due to the Coronavirus crisis. Luckily, most of them had some savings, so they were able to survive the initial state of shock.

And even though the situation that hit the whole world happens “once every 100 years,”,  I realize why it is so important to have something saved up. I’m happy now that I was saving before I realized how bad it could be to lose the income all of a sudden. This is why I promised myself I’d never make this mistake.

If you want to start saving money, maybe you should have a look at the article on how I learned to save money to jumpstart the journey.

I learned the true meaning of family.


In China, the divorce rate skyrocketed during quarantine, and this will inevitably happen with the rest of the world. Being locked down with my partner for over two months made me realize that I truly have somebody with whom I want to build a family.

Without the quarantine,  I wouldn’t know the meaning of freedom while being locked down within 40 square meters. I wouldn’t know romance can still exist while you’re sitting in your pajamas all day, and when you leave your hair unwashed for a week. I wouldn’t understand the real meaning of intimacy without saying, “I’ve got this, don’t worry” while being worried myself.

Not having time is an excuse for a lack of motivation.


I bet plenty of us say we wished we’re able to do something, but we don’t have the time to do it. Wrong! It turns out; we just lack motivation. Quarantine was the perfect time to do all of our DIYs, make meal plans, start new projects (one of them is this blog). But we didn’t do them because we didn’t have time. Instead, we used the excuse of being busy to cover our lack of motivation.

And guess what: If you didn’t read at least five books while quarantined, or lost 10 pounds – who cares. Just be more honest with yourself. Next time when you think that you cannot do something just because you lack time, be honest with yourself. Either you don’t want those things. Or you’ll move your a** and do them.


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