How to Attract and Retain Millennials: The ultimate list

How to Attract and Retain Millennials: The ultimate list

Last summer, when my in-laws came to visit, my boyfriend’s mom remarked how her son had to travel all this way, and come to live in another country to find his soulmate.  Half joking, she explained how terrified she was. She didn’t know how her son would survive in a country without knowing the language, how he would find a job, and what his options would be. What she didn’t realize is that her son is a millennial, a member of a generation that has forever changed the way of how we perceive and do business. He worked on his skills and made companies compete to get him. 

Considering that millennials are now making half of the total workforce and that this number will grow to a whopping 75 percent of the entire workforce by 2030, employers have to step up their game when it comes to hiring and retaining them. Discovering how to attract and retain millennials is vital for many companies trying to survive in today’s economy. That’s why I decided to share some tips on how you can master it.

Fatal attraction… Or How to Attract Millennials

This might sound like the title of an exciting movie to watch with your significant other. Or it might be a list of things companies should do if they’re wondering how to attract and retain millennials. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Make the hiring process easier.
  • Add flexibility to the typical 9 to 5 workday.
  • Work on your company’s branding.
  • Allow them to learn.
  • Be socially responsible.


Make the hiring process easier.

Millennials dread endless hiring processes. What’s more, they won’t wait for several months to hear back from a company. If you’re a company struggling to attract the millennial workforce, make sure you have a streamlined hiring process. There is various software that can help you do just that offer powerful employer branding, job ads, and talent sourcing features, among many others, which can help companies streamline their hiring process and attract the best talent.


Add flexibility to the typical 9 to 5 workday.

If I had to describe millennials in one sentence, I would say they are champions of workplace flexibility.  Millennial retention in the workplace greatly depends on how flexible their workplace is. 

That’s not surprising if we’re aware of the fact that millennials are digital natives. Their whole lives revolve around wireless devices, the use of the internet, social media networks, and the feeling that everything is available here and now. They perform the best when they’re offered the possibility of remote work, flexible schedule, and the ability to manage their time how they see it fit. Millennials are more productive when employers hold them accountable for the job they did, and tasks they completed, instead of actually being in the office. That’s why those who want to attract a millennial workforce should open their minds about remote work, ditch outdated 9 to 5 working hours, and move their focus to task completion, instead of hours.


Work on your company’s branding.

Humans are natural storytellers. We are drawn to the story someone’s telling us because it enables us to create bonds more easily and promotes trust. Companies wondering how to attract and retain millennials should make sure they have a story to tell. A company’s story should be promoted across various platforms, starting from social media channels to the company’s website. It should be used smartly and to inspire the millennial workforce to apply on the job ads. 

Bonus tip: companies shouldn’t be afraid to encourage their existing employees to share photos about exciting moments that happened during work. 

If you want to attract and retain millennials, allow them to learn.

Millennials are a generation in motion: they are continually moving and learning. That’s why to attract them; companies have to offer them opportunities to grow. If they sense just a glimpse of a chance for professional and personal growth, they will jump to catch the opportunity while they can. That’s understandable because they’re used to a competitive environment. They know they will have to learn all of their lives if they want to be competitive in the job market.

If you want to attract millennials engage in CSR.

Even though we criticize them for many things, millennials are not entirely awful. They are not focusing on money, as much as they’re focusing on the place they’re working in. They are impossible to bribe with money, and they will always choose an employer with a cleaner profile than the one offering more money, but with a shadier reputation. After all, it’s the era of sustainability, environmental awareness, and eco-friendliness, and they’re well-aware of it.

Happily Ever After: Or how to retain Millennials

Every fairytale has a happy ending, maybe because neither one of them doesn’t follow protagonists in years that come after the marriage. To make their workspace fairytale going after you hire millennials, companies should make sure they: 

  • Give enough freedom to their employees.
  • Bond with them.
  • Ensure they’re not heading for a burnout.
  • Embrace technology.
  • Introduce the mentorship program.

To retain millennials, give them some freedom.

It’s not so hard to determine how to keep millennial employees as some people think it is. We just have to understand them. Millennials will stick with a job where they feel valued and trusted. They want the freedom to express new ideas, and they value employers who will trust them enough to make those ideas into reality. Furthermore, to retain them, companies should reward their effort and acknowledge them whenever they can.

If you want them to stay, bond with them.

Millennial retention in the workplace greatly depends on the strength of the relationships they have. Millennial employees are happier when they’re able to form close bonds with their coworkers. What’s more, Harvard Extension School discovered that the quality of the relationship they establish with their managers matters too and encourages them to be happier with their workplace. That’s why companies who’re interested in retaining them should invest in nurturing and straightening bonds within the team.

Avoid burnout.

Burnout is a disease of modern-day professionals, and if left untreated, it can cause severe emotional, physical, and psychological problems. Pressured by the fear, they will miss out on something and the fast-paced tempo of the modern-day office, millennials are more prone to burnout than any other generation before. Burnout is dangerous for employers too! If they’re not careful about their employee’s workload, they’re at risk of higher employee retention. That’s why to ensure employee retention, companies should think about all the ways to prevent burnout. Avoiding micromanagement, tracking leave, offering incentives, and enabling a more flexible schedule are all the ways to do it.

Become a tech-savvy company.

Millennials are an internet generation. Since the moment they were born, everything was changing so quickly, enabling them to adopt new gadgets seamlessly easy. What’s more, some studies show that more than half of the millennial workforce would take a job with an employer who uses the same technology as they do. That’s why technological consciousness is crucial for every company that wants to hire and retain a millennial. 

Offer mentorship program.

Millennials are all about learning new skills. That’s why you cannot go wrong with them when it comes to offering mentorship programs. Except enabling them to get immediate feedback on their work, mentorship program allows them to upskill themselves while forming closer bonds with their coworkers. 

Millennials are hard to attract, but they’re even harder to retain.

But with these tips, I’m sure you won’t have to ask twice about how to attract and retain millennials. It’s all about figuring out how to tune your company’s habits with their eager desire for innovation and change. Are you ready?

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