5 Step Plan To Finding a Job that Doesn’t Suck

Growing up, I always wanted to do something – I remember repeatedly asking my mom to sign me up for piano lessons, drama classes, and even basketball. I always wanted to add a purpose to my day, and just playing didn’t add up to my equation on what I should be doing in life.  I even remember my childhood […]

Things to know before hiring Millennials

A headline-worthy generation blamed for killing everything from razors and toys to mayonnaise, Millennials, will hold around two-thirds of the workforce by 2030. Considering they now hold half of the total workforce, it’s understandable why hiring Millennials becomes the top priority (and a weak spot) of almost every organization out there.  There are many challenges […]

How I Learned How to Save Money

Since I know for myself, money (or the lack of it) was always the topic in my household. We never had much money, and credit card debt was always “in the game.” With that being said, it’s understandable why the question “how to save money” in my family was never asked. I entered the job […]

What I learned during the Coronavirus lockdown

I would never have guessed things will take this turn when the whole thing about the Coronavirus outbreak started. Yet, we stayed confined for more than three months, challenged to stay sane when the entire world was falling apart. With the situation slowly improving, I wanted to share the list of things I learned during […]

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